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Where to Customize Your Car in Port St. Lucie

Living in South Florida, it doesn’t take long to see the flair people have down here. Whether it’s their clothes, shoes, and even home décor; people enjoy adding a custom design to their possessions. Cars should be no different. If you’re looking to add your style to your vehicle, then take your car to Hot Weelz in Port St. Lucie! Hot Weelz is the top automotive custom shop in South Florida that offers the top-quality mechanic work that turns boring stock vehicles into the ride of your dreams.   


What some people don’t understand about customizing their cars is that it not only makes your car unique, it also can increase its performance and resale value! When you buy a stock vehicle, you get the drab, basic pieces and parts that are suited for the unpredictability that comes from driving on less-than-perfect roads. By choosing Hot Weelz, we’ll suit your vehicle with custom parts that will not only look better on your car but help it drive better. And when you’re ready to part ways with your ride, having the custom additions will help you resell your car for a higher price! It’s a win-win!   


The most common custom pieces many car owners add to their vehicles are custom rims and tires. For the past 30 years, Hot Weelz has been personalizing vehicles of all makes and models by adding custom rims and tires. With over a hundred different combinations, we promise you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to add to your vehicle when you visit the Hot Weelz shop. Hot Weelz’s mechanics are some of the best in the business, and are dedicated to making your vehicle look, drive, and sound better than ever before.   


Hot Weelz’s mechanics don’t only specialize in custom rims and tires, but also offer services for an array of automotive additions, including   

  • Alignments   
  • Lift Kits   
  • Tints   
  • Radios   
  • And Much more!   

Whether it’s a simple installation of a new speaker system, or you want to lower your vehicle to scrap the ground, Hot Weelz does any job, big or small.    


Contact Hot Weelz today by calling (772)777-9335 to book your vehicle’s appointment. Even if you don’t need any mechanic work done, we still welcome visitors to our shop at off of SE Lennard Rd in Port St. Lucie! If you have a passion for cars as much as we do, we would love to build a relationship and tell you more about our car club and garage shows! We look forward to getting to know you and your vehicle so we may best upgrade however you’d like!   

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