Top Five Signs You Need New Tires in Port St. Lucie

You trust your vehicle daily to safely get you from point A, to point B. Often, it’s easy for vehicle owners to take advantage of their cars. They go on for miles without ever checking the oil, changing the tires, or dusting out the interiors. The danger to ignoring your vehicle is that you may end up in devastating situations, due to waiting on necessary maintenance checks. At Hot Weelz, we’ve seen many of our customers wait far too long for their tire repairs, which can lead to tire blowouts, flats, and bad traction. If you’re looking for signs that it’s time to replace your tires in Port St. Lucie, keep reading!   


1.Bald Tires in Port St. Lucie  

One of the easiest, and most visible ways to tell that your tire needs a replacement is when they’re bald. What does a bald tire look like? What does that even mean? A bald tire simply means that they are missing their traction. You’ll notice that the previously distinctive lines on the tires are wearing thin, and blending in with the base of the tire. If your tires are bald, your traction is probably not in the best shape, which makes you prone to sliding and gliding on wet roads.   


2.Cracked Sidewalls   

Sidewalls on tires naturally wear and tear over time, but when they’re too worn, it can cause you to drive dangerously. Misalignments can cause a tire’s sidewall to deteriorate, and it may result in a blowout.   


 3.Shaking or Vibrating   

If you notice that your car is constantly shaking, then you’re probably experiencing a bad tire alignment or bad tires. It could be that the tires need to be aligned, but it may also mean that you need a new set of tires. To know the difference, you’ll want to take the car into an auto repair shop for a closer look.   



On your vehicle, there are things known as treads. The treads usually come with a life-expectancy or a warranty. This means that the tire manufacturer guarantees that they’ll last up to a certain number of miles or years. If your tires are well-past the warranty expiration date, chances are you’re due for a fresh set. New tires will come with new tread, which will then safely last you another few years.   


5.Ditch the Spare   

We’ve all needed a spare tire once in a while, but the spare tire isn’t meant to be one that you keep forever. The spare is often not in the greatest shape, and it probably already has some wear and tear. If you’ve been driving with a spare for a while, then it’s time to upgrade to a new tire. While it’s recommended to upgrade all tires at the same time, you can also replace one at a time, or two at a time.   


If you’re unsure whether or not you need new tires, you can reach out to the seasoned professionals at Hot Wheelz today. We’ve been providing custom wheels, performance tires, and more for over 25 years, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon! If you want new rims, you can find those with our team as well! Whatever your vehicle needs, rest at ease knowing that we’re the wheels, tires, accessories, and service provider you’ve been searching for. Contact us today at 904-683-9391.   

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