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How Can You Give a New Look to Your Car This Year?

Every vehicle needs an occasional new look, whether it’s to customize your own rims or adding aftermarket accessories to spruce things up. Here are some ideas on how to style your car and make it look great.

Get New Wheels

If you’re looking for a way to give your car a new look, it is a good idea to get custom rims. You can customize your own rims or go to custom rims shop and get new rims and tires. Here is what you need to know before you get custom wheels.


Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They protect you from road hazards, so it’s crucial to ensure they’re safe and durable. When replacing tires, buy ones that match your driving style and the weather conditions (for example, if you live in the north, where snow or ice can be expected, get winter-rated tires). Also, try to buy high-quality tires rather than cheap ones. High-quality tires last longer and perform better on the road.


You need to consider a lot when you customize your own rims. The first thing is whether you want aftermarket or OEM rims. Aftermarket means that the rims have been made by another company and are not original equipment manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and refers to rims made by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you want OEM rims, they will most likely be more expensive than aftermarket ones because they are made specifically for your vehicle model and year.

Another thing to consider when you go to a custom rims shop is if the rims you choose fit properly with your vehicle’s suspension system and tires and if they look good on your car or truck.

Install Seat Covers

If your car interior looks a little old and worn out, installing seat covers is a good idea. You may want to go with something that matches the color of your car or get something more colorful. This can help give your vehicle a whole new look and feel.

Upgrade Your Lights

Another way to give your car a facelift is by upgrading its lights. If you have older bulbs that are yellowed or foggy looking, it might be time for new ones. You should also check out LED lights, as these tend to last longer than other bulbs and provide better lighting overall.

New Paint Job

If you’re looking to give your car a fresh look, consider getting it repainted. This is especially important if there are any dings or scratches on your current paint job. You’ll also want to consider repainting if the color doesn’t match the interior anymore or if you just want to change things up entirely.

Get a New Stereo System

Install a new stereo system if you like listening to music while driving. This will help improve sound quality and volume control while adding more storage space with an auxiliary input port or CD player. If possible, try to find one with Bluetooth capabilities, so you can listen to podcasts or audio books without holding onto your phone all day.

The biggest consideration in the overall look of your car is your choice of wheels. Will you be replacing your old rims with new ones or reverting to stock? In either case, there are plenty of styles and many budget-friendly options. And don’t forget that tires are also an important factor in new car looks. To get custom rims today, contact Hot Weelz.

Read on this guide to learn everything you need to know about changing car rims

A Guide to Changing Car Rims

Often, changing car rims online or from a specialist brand is a way to differentiate your car from others of the same model and the same manufacturer. When you come across several Peugeot 208s in Port St. Lucie in the same color as yours, having different, beautiful and original car rims can be a way to set yourself apart from others. For this reason and many others, here’s a guide to share everything you need to know about changing car rims!

Why Change the Rims of a Car?

In most cases, changing a car’s rims is for purely aesthetic reasons. Most often, this involves modifying the visual appearance of your car to give it a more sporty look, taking care of its appearance before a sale, or replacing damaged rims that denote a little with the neat appearance of the vehicle. 

For some motorists, changing the rims is also a means of modifying the vehicle’s behavior on the road. More and more motorists who wish to change tires regularly (especially before winter) are opting for a complete wheel change solution. 

Changing tires and rims thus becomes faster and easier. It is also more practical to change the complete wheel while waiting for the arrival of fine weather (or winter) rather than tires alone.

Leading Car Rims Brands to Choose From

Rims come in different sizes, made from different materials, and with a look and design that only limits the imagination of the manufacturers (and technical constraints). When purchasing a car, the rims come into play with other customization options, such as the body color or the mirrors. 

Many car enthusiasts do not compromise on the rims and even take the time to opt for a different model when purchasing a car. Others change the rims to recondition their car or personalize it. Original car rims also appeal to lambda drivers who want to take care of the look of their vehicle.

Nothing’s better than trusting the leading brands when it comes to rims and tires, guaranteeing you safety and solidity in the long term. Among the top brands are:

  • Lexani Wheels
  • Vossen Wheels
  • Fuel Off-Road Wheels
  • Corleone Forged
  • FORGIATO Wheels
  • Enkei Wheels

The elegance is at the rendezvous, and the lines are quite sporty! Aesthetically appealing with their black and shiny side, these brands’ rim leaves no one indifferent whether you’re looking for a clean look and simplicity or wish to bring a “racing” side to their car.

What are the Most Beautiful Rims?

It is difficult to answer this question without showing subjectivity. As in fashion or the choice of your interior decoration, everything is a question of taste and personality. Like all the elements that make a car customized, the same car rims can be seen as beautiful by one and ugly by the other. Some may, for example, appreciate gold-colored car rims, while others will swear by metallic gray ones.

How to Choose Car Rims?

Today, there are many models of car rims on the market, available in aluminum, steel, sheet metal models, or even in alloys. Each of these models has advantages and disadvantages. 

Aluminum and alloy car rims are particularly attractive for their lightness. However, their purchase may be hampered by their higher price. Sheet steel car rims are economically attractive. However, they turn out to be less aesthetic than the aluminum or alloy models.

In all cases, it is important to ensure the compatibility of the rims with your tires before choosing your car rims.

For safety reasons, it is important to choose car rims compatible with your vehicle. In practice, not all rims can be fitted to your vehicle. Your automotive repairer offers you different car rims options after checking their compatibility with the model of your car and your tires. 

What is the Lifespan of a Car Rim?

A car rim officially does not have a defined lifespan. Unlike other auto parts, there are indeed no precise mileage recommendations to invite you to change the rims on your car. If they do not undergo any impact or any deformation and you do not hit any sidewalks with your tires, the rims can fit your vehicle very well from the first to the last mile traveled.

Where to Find Original Rims?

For a long time, brands specializing in car tuning were the main contact to turn to for less standardized and more original car rims. Today, many players in the sale of accessories and auto parts such as rims have invaded the market with a very eclectic offer. 

Are you planning to customize your car by changing its rims? Is your quest for new rims motivated by the desire to stand out from other vehicles in Port St. Lucie or its surroundings? Contact Hot Weelz and get your car personalized with the leading brands’ options. The professionals at Hot Weelz consider various criteria such as load and speed indices, the dimensions of the rim (width, diameter, size of the cheek) and the overall compatibility before giving your car a new look.

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Your #1 Custom Shop to Upgrade Your Vehicle

Today, cars have almost no personality. As if the time of creativity and flair has passed, stock cars just don’t cut it anymore. If you agree and are looking to gain that creative, personal edge back into your vehicle, then take your car to Hot Weelz in Port St. Lucie! Hot Weelz is the top automotive custom shop in the Treasure Coast that offers the best available mechanic work to turn your stock car into your dream ride. 

Custom Rims and Tires 

One of Hot Weelz’s specialties is custom rims and tires. Although stock rims and tires may seem like the best option for your vehicle, custom rims and tires can increase your vehicle’s performance! Stock options look drab and may only be suitable for those driving on the perfect road. Hot Weelz knows roads are unpredictable and that basic options add no value to the eye test for your vehicle. By choosing Hot Weelz, we’ll suit your vehicle with a custom set of rims and tires that not only will look better but help your car drive better. 

In addition to helping your car while you have it, a custom set of rims and tires can also boost the resale value of your vehicle! Custom upgrades to your vehicle are seen as added assets that increase the value of your car or truck! By investing in custom upgrades, your vehicle will look, perform, and sell better! Hot Weelz has over 30 years of experience in personalizing vehicles by adding custom rims and tires. Allow Hot Weelz to do the same for you and upgrade your car to meet your sense of style.

Other Automotive Services 

Along with custom rims and tires, Hot Weelz also offers automotive services for: 

  • Alignment 
  • Lowering Kit 
  • Lift Kits
  • Coilovers 
  • Tints
  • Audio 

Come in today to experience the Hot Weelz difference and see why we’re the top custom automotive shop in Port St. Lucie! No job is too big or too small for our mechanics. Big or small, we install them all!  

Car Community 

Hot Weelz is a family-owned business that has been serving the Port St. Lucie community for over 30 years! Our mission at Hot Weelz is to provide the best products and services for our customers. The mechanics at Hot Weelz strive to value every customer and make every customer feel respected through establishing a friendly relationship. We’re just cars guys looking to help other car guys 

At Hot Weelz, our goal is to continually give back to our community through fundraising efforts, charity drives, and awareness campaigns to support the people who support us. Hot Weelz regularly participates in fundraisers to help raise money for local causes and families. Hot Weelz also has a local car club called Hot Weelz Finest, who participate in monthly meetings and get-togethers to express our love for everything cars! Visit our shop to either join our car club or get information on our next car show. 

Contact us today by calling (772)777-9335 to book your appointment or visit our shop at off of SE Lennard Rd. in Port St. Lucie! We look forward to getting to know you and your vehicle so we may best upgrade however you’d like! 

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Make Your Car Your Own with Custom Wheels and Rims in Port St. Lucie

At Hot Weelz in Port St. Lucie, we understand the need to make your vehicle your own and put a uniquespin on it. It’s one of the things that we do best and why we have over 30 years of experience in thebusiness. Hot Weelz is a leading automotive customization shop specializing in high end rims and performance tires in Port Saint Lucie. We are proud to employ professional wheel artists that can create exactly what you want and we are always happy to personalize your car with special rims.

What exactly is a rim?

People tend to confuse wheels and rims as one and the same thing. When you actually look at the wheel and break it down, you can see that the rim is the outer part of the wheel. It supports the wheel and forms an airtight seal. To create a total custom look, you’ll need to decide how exactly you want yourrims to look. Remember, modifying the size of the tire or any custom wheel modification may increase or decrease your speed depending on the work you have done. Larger wheels will increase speed and allow you to better handle turning corners. Smaller wheels tend to last longer and will give you a smoother ride. At Hot Weelz, we understand your need to make a statement when you are out on the road, especially if you take a lot of pride in your vehicle—and most of us do!

How can custom wheels and rims increase the value of my car?

Customizing your car can also add resale value to your car. By adding stylish rims or custom wheels youwill not doubt increase the value of your car or truck. If you don’t make them too personal, custom upgrades are often seen as an investment. This investment can often payoff in a higher resale value for your car or truck. When you provide a different look than the generic vehicle it offers a buyer a unique selling point that will often entice them. We have over 30 years of experience in personalizing rims and wheels in Port Saint Lucie. Let us customize and upgrade your vehicle with a distinct style all your own.

What else can I do to make my car or truck unique?

No one can deny that increasing the size of your car or truck creates a more dramatic look. You can even further embellish your rims with lights to really make a unique statement. At Hot Weelz, we want your custom wheels and rims to make a unique statement about you. Whether you are buying a Lexani toVossen, Fuel to Corleone, we have the rims to create the custom look you’ll love and enjoy for years to come. What’s more, we have a wide selection of performance tires that you can easily match to yourrims. Not only will this give you a great look, but will help your car’s performance. Our experienced andtalented team at At Hot Weelz is here to help create a personalized vehicle of your dreams. To get started on your rim personalization in Port St. Lucie, call us today at (772) 777-9335 or stop by our shop for the ultimate one-stop shopping experience for custom rims, wheels and tires in Port St. Lucie. We are well-known for our courteous professional staff that will give you the ultimate in personalized attention.