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Does Your Car Need to be Lifted or Leveled?

You might have noticed that many cars look like they’re on stilts when you see them from the front. This effect, which makes the vehicle appear lower to the ground than it is, is called sitting high, and it may be what you want if you’re looking to give your car a sportier look. 

But if you’re having problems with your car sinking into deep ruts or potholes or if you notice uneven tire wear, your vehicle may actually need mechanic work, so it is leveled instead. It is difficult to tell if your car needs to be balanced or lifted when you’re looking at it, but with the help of these tips, you’ll have an easier time. 

Making Your Vehicle More Powerful 

While vehicles nowadays can handle well-paved highways and busy city streets, many cannot handle rugged terrain. Some cars have trouble even with typical potholes and bumps on roads, and getting stuck or damaging suspension parts are too common. Adding lift blocks to a truck or SUV allows drivers to navigate hills, rocky trails, mud pits, and more while still riding comfortably at low speeds. 

Prevent Damage 

Even if you park your car perfectly, one nasty pothole or road bump can destroy your vehicle. By having your tires leveled, you’ll help protect yourself from future damage that can end up costing hundreds of dollars to repair. A dented wheel well can create a chain reaction with other parts in your suspension system; without proper alignment, all things affect how your steering works. 

Higher Visibility 

Lifting a car gives it more ground clearance, which allows you to see over things on the road. It’s easier to see around corners, especially when other vehicles are driving in their blind spots. Driving in inclement weather becomes less complex as well as you can see obstacles sooner than those who are closer to the ground. 

Upgrading Your Wheel Size 

One of the most significant advantages of leveling your truck is the ability to change to larger wheels. Leveling kits make upgrading your rims and tires easier since you won’t need a new suspension. This allows you to keep an older car on a lower budget looking great. 

To Improve Handling and Stability 

If you’re looking for more control over your car, you may want to consider lifting it. Lift kits for cars are similar to leveling kits but are typically more extensive and more robust than typical leveling kits. To get a bit of lift, you can purchase a suspension lift kit, which will give your vehicle about an inch of extra clearance from its tires. 

Leveling Kits in Port St. Lucie 

If you live in an area with rough roads, one way to make your vehicle last longer is by getting leveling kits in Port St. Lucie from a reputable local dealer. If you want access to top-quality mechanic work, contact Hot Weelz today. We’re here to help you with your automotive needs and customize your vehicle to your specifications. 

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